Customer Conversion Tracker

Customer Conversion Tracker displays real-time information on how customers are interacting with your store. The Wordpress dashboard widget shows the customer flow through the three main purchase stages in real-time.
  • Adding an item to cart.
  • Proceeding to checkout.
  • Completing checkout and purchasing the item.
  • This information is essential in diagnosing issues with your store at any stage of the purchase process. You can then make changes and view in real-time the effects they have had. Customer Conversion Tracker saves data on your flow of customers and conversions. Through the tab in the Wordpress side bar you can view data over a preset or custom time-span allowing you to see the effect different changes to your store have made on your rate of conversions and flow of customers through the purchase process. All past customer data is shown as a graph clearly depicting the positive or negative influence any changes to your store have had on customer flow through the purchase process. Customer Conversion Tracker is an essential tool in maximising your store visitor conversions. You can find our dedicated help pages here