Courses / Exams BOARD Script

Courses / Exams BOARD is a fully featured script that will allow you to run your own  website with courses / exams.
  Users can sign up for courses and take exams. After successfully passing the exams, users can download the certificate successfully pass the exam and courses.  

Key Features

  • Supports Multiple Courses / Exams per User
  • Automatic generation of certificates
  • User Features

  • Fast and easy Sign Up
  • Quickly Add a Debt
  • Receive Mail When Debt is Added
  • Detailed information about the exam results
  • Admin Features

  • Add/Edit/Delete Courses
  • Add/Edit/Delete Exams
  • Add/Edit/Delete Questions
  • Add/Edit/Delete Custom Footer Pages
  • Add/Edit/Delete FAQ
  • Automatic calculation of the popularity of courses
  • Add courses description and a photo
  • Set default currency and currency symbol for paypal payment
  • Google Analytics code
  • Manage Site Banner by Google AdSense code
  • Option to turn site banners on/off
  • Add/Edit/Delete Custom Footer Pages
  • Set the required percentage to pass exams
  • Enable / Disable Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn button
  • Editing a footer page content using HTML editor
  • Add Google Analityc code
  • Viewing visits on the site using Tracker app