Controlr - Smart House Hybrid Application Template


Controlr is a great starting point for the creation of a smart house (the Internet of Things conception) mobile control application. This template is based on the cutting edge AngularJS framework from Google and provides a great flexibility and extensibility. Please note: Controlr is focused on building native/hybrid mobile apps rather than mobile websites. If you are looking for a multi-purpose mobile web application rather than a hybrid try this high-rated Lemonado template:


HTML5 makes this template runnable on most modern web browsers, smartphones and tablets. Use Cordova/PhoneGap and convert the theme into a functional hybrid mobile application.
Compatibility starts from iOS 6+ for Apple devices and Android 4+ (with some support for 2.3)

Native Mobile Application User Experience

On preview page go to the Actions menu and hold on an action title to see an action sheet.


Controlr comes with free and open-sourced icon font with over 500 icons to choose from. There are several animation classes predefined that you can use:
  • fade-in
  • nav-title-slide-ios7
  • no-animation
  • reverse
  • slide-in-left
  • slide-in-right
  • slide-in-up
  • slide-left-right-ios7
  • slide-left-right
  • slide-out-left
  • slide-out-right
  • slide-right-left-ios7
  • slide-right-left
  • Use it by yourself or for a client

    If you know what does means Arduino, Web API, JSON, etc. or you want to build your own house control center with both mobile and desktop support – this beautifully designed application template is for you. Monitor a Wi-Fi device, collect data from a weather station or just control your lights and reduce bills for electricity


    Here is a documentation online.