Codeigniter CMS - Ajax CRUD Plugins

Sximo Codeigniter Ajax CRUD is patch/plugin for improve cruds made/generated by sximo builder , this give u more powerfull and elegant CRUD proccess. All process are done via AJAX technology

Please make sure you have this item before buying this add on

This is an addon required : Sximo Builder ( Codeigniter CMS and CRUD Builder )


  1. CRUDS Done By Ajax , no reload pages
  2. Multi Language Label ( Column grid and form )
  3. Multi Language Module title and Note
  4. Grid Formater ( you can format spesific field such currency , active etc )
  5. Grid Link ( Make field row linked )
  6. Grid Image
  7. View detail + Detail grid
  8. Master Detail Editor
  9. Fast Loading proccess
  10. Export To Excel
  11. Export To Word
  12. Export To CSV
  13. Print Out Grid
  14. Inline add grid row
  15. Inline edit grid row
  16. Option Expand Grid + sub grid
  17. Option Modal View Detail + sub grid
  18. Option Modal Form + sub Form
  19. Set default number of rows , sort by and order by