Circle Pong iOS Game

Circle Pong is a simple and addictive game in iOS with iPhone 6,iPhone 6 plus, and iPad. Keep the ball bouncing inside the circle. Circle Pong has been optimized for iOS 8 and all iOS devices including the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It has Game Center integration for leaderboards and for monetization we have included Chartboost interstitial ads and AdMob banner ads. It also includes an in-app purchase for ad-removal as well as a rate button. Features: - In App Purchases - Game Center - iAd, Chartboost & Admob - Ask to rate game - Universal App - iPhone 6 / 6 p - Ready to App Store - Facebook & twitter share - Easy to reskin Reskin: Ease of Reskin With very few images. All of the resources can be found in Resources folder of the game.