blank Theme for crea8social

blank Theme for crea8social 3.3

- fallback function
- switched to 3column design
- swapped sides main with right
+ added
+ list of joined and own communities in
+ third column reserved for Ads!
+ redesign
+ redesign
+ redesign main.editor
+ redesign post.headers
+ added privacy.icons for post.headers.privacy.status
+ implement newest ion-icon version 2.0
+ added fixed scrollbar for Ads
+ added fixed scrollbar for profile.left.column
+ added new information.table – design
  • fixed image.size on friends, connections, followers on profile.left.column
  • fixed image.size on communties.right.column
  • fixed mobile.view
  • ! please test before buy.
    ! Theme is based with Ads. You need Ads.Addon. But with little knowhow you can change with your own content.
    Demo on:
    Domain_user: Demo
    Domain_pass: Demo_123