Balance Ball - HTML5 Game

Balance Ball is a HTML5 game where you have to balance the ball and try to survive for as long as possible. Gameplay Controls:
For PC you can control player movement using mouse. Click to make player jump, double click can make player jump higher.
For Mobile tilt the device to left/right to control player movement. Tap to make player jump, double tap can make player jump higher.
The ZIP package contains the game with 768×1024 resolution that scales proportionally to fit current screen device. Features:
  • High Definiton (768×1024)
  • Auto-Resize (Responsive)
  • Mouse, Touch and Tilt Controls
  • Playable in all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.)
  • Browser not support page
  • Mobile rotate instruction (For Portrait Only)
  • Complete game customization
  • Make with CreateJS and Box2DWeb