Automatic selling advertising for SocialKit 1.2.3

Automatic selling advertising for SocialKit 1.2.3
The system banner advertising.
Text advertising system.
The control panel for the administrator.
The control panel for the user + full statistics with graphs.
The opportunity to edit ads.
Email notice.
One banner place can show the right amount of banners. In this case, rotation will be banners – updated.
You can create multiple banner blocks and put them in the right places.
In the text box, you can assign the right amount of text ads.
You can create multiple text boxes and place them in the right place.
There are three options for compensation for clicks, per impression, for the days of placement!
The system allows you to automate the sale of advertising on the site.
Accept online payments PayPal and issue invoices for payment in the bank.
Ads can be published immediately after the payment, ads can be published after the payment and verification administrator (moderation).
Demo User – Star/Pass - StarStar
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