Authentix - Ready to Implement User System

A Basic PHP Script for User Authentication with Signup, Login, Secure Sessions and much more. Script Details
• Built on pure PHP (Requires PHP ver 5.5) | No Frameworks
• Prepared Statements and Parameter Binding prevents SQL Injection Attacks
• HTML5 + Jquery Validation
• AJAX Form Submission
• Email Notification + Forget Password ( Mail Reset Link )
• Skinless – The whole script doesn’t use any style and can be easily integrated to any system/template
• PHP 5.5 built in password_hash() function : Better than almost all hashing methods.
• Seperation of PHP Functions : All working PHP codes are included inside “ functions” folder making it easier to integrate.
• Procedural Code ( Easier to read )
• Properly Commented Script
Key Features
• Check Email Availability Instantly (AJAX)
• Easily add new fields ( Explained in Documentation )
• Form Validation
• Email Notification upon Registration. (HTML Mail with you header image)
• Secure Login (AJAX Form Submission and Response)
• Secure User Sessions.
• Last Login Date & Time.
• Login check feature secures protected pages (Redirects to login page if there is no session ).
• Ability to view the profile , Profile Picture – View/Remove/Change, Update profile, Change Password etc.
• Forgot Password Feature – Password Reset link sent to registered email. (Uses Token system which automatically expires after 1 use or 1 day whichever comes earlier)
• Cron Job checks and removes token within 24 Hours.
• Intended for Developers who can easily integrate it to their system ( A Detailed Documentation is included in the Package, hence anyone with minimum knowledge can understand it).