Altimeter - AdMob, StartApp and LeadBolt

Altimeter is a real time animated altitude finding tool with a clock based analog meter as well as a Barometer calculating the Barometric Pressure through GPS and sensor in the device. Features: 1) Eclipse Editable 2) Compatible with Android 2.0+ 3) Elegant Design 4) Customized settings for changing altitude and pressure units like feet, meter, inches mercury and bar etc. 5) Displays the source for calculating the values 6) Meter Resetting option to refresh the analog value with digital changes 7) Now you are aware of the height whether you are driving at height or you are on a hill station Pressure Sensor 9) GPS Note: 1. The accuracy of the app is mainly dependent on the strength of GPS signals and the efficiency of the sensor. 2. The devices with no pressure sensor will not be entertained with barometric value.