Ads Management System for Banners & Html

About Spotway

SpotWay Ads Management is designed for webmasters or website holders that need to simply manage html or banner ads on their websites. Also, they can generate daily statistics that can be sent to potiential customers. It is a great solution for small and medium websites.

All Features

  • Infinite Ad Sizes
  • Text/Html Ads
  • One Time Install
    Install The system one time and manage all of your websites
  • Database Cost Reduction
  • Random Ad Delivery
    You can add multiple ads in one tag and the system will randomly deliver them.
  • Tag Targeting
    You can choose to put an ad easily to multiple tags that you have on different websites, you don’t need to create a new ad for each website.
  • Targeted campaigns
  • Fully Daily statistics
    You can generate daily statistics based on: number of impressions/clicks, countries, user agents, pages/websites.
  • Platform Design
  • Watermark
  • Language File
  • Live Preview

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