47Admin - Bootstrap Admin Skin

47Admin – Skin for Bootstrap Admin Templates

47Admin is a Bootstrap skin designed for admin templates. Built on latest version of Twitter Bootstrap 3 with new features and customizable options.
All components included in this items has been developed to bring all the potential of Bootstrap plus a set of new features (JS and CSS) ideal for your next admin theme or web app project.

What customer says

Standard Features

 Responsive Ready to work on any screen resolution and devices from smartphone to large-desktop.
     Crossbrowser Compatibility with the latest versions of popular modern browsers from IE9+
     Mobile First Grid and components designed for mobiles with progressive enhancement for larger devices
 LESS & JADE No extra charge for LESS & JADE source files, they’re all included for advanced customisation.
     Easily Updatable Vendor plugins are separated from the core so you can easily upgrade any piece with no effort.
     Icons Font Awesome provides you a set of +300 different icons with a resolution independent quality.

New features

  • Bootstrap 3.2.0
  • +400 Retina Ready Icons by Font Awesome 4
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Form UI Extended
  • Form Validation ready
  • Form Wizard options
  • File upload (php script included)
  • Widgets
  • Portlets
  • jQuery Slimscroll
  • Masonry Grid (css3 columns with fallback)
  • CSS3 Spinners
  • Condensed and Offcanvas sidebar
  • Timeline
  • Mail Inbox
  • Mobile fast click
  • Google Map (custom styles)
  • Datatables
  • Markdown Editor with preview
  • Charts
  • Flot Charts (json/php script included)
  • Sparkline
  • Radial Progress bar
  • Frontend Pages
  • Landing page
  • Singin
  • Singup
  • Recover password
  • Lock screen
  • Multi Login
  • FullCalendar app
  • Crossbrowser (IE9+)
  • Responsive everywhere
  • Mobile first components
  • LESS & JADE source (Gulp file included)
  • Well commented code
  • Precise documentation
  • Credits

    Wonderfull hi-res images courtesy of unsplash.com
    User avatars from randomuser.me
    Mobile mockups by techandall.com
    Chrome mockup by Cameron Roberson


    1.3 – Aug 23 2014
  • Updated Bootstrap version 3.2.0
  • Fix FlotChart tooltip plugin
  • Fix smooth scroll on iOS
  • Added date column to datatable to show order
  • Added form wizard plugin
  • Added mail inbox page layout
  • Updated animations
  • Added duration option for animations
  • 1.2 – Jun 27 2014
  • Added Masked input
  • Added Panel refresh events
  • Added Chart refresh data
  • Added CSS3 animated Spinners
  • Added simple layout variants
  • Added Masonry fallback to inline grid
  • Fix Masonry columns on FF
  • Documentation updated
  • 1.1 – Jun 07 2014
  • Added SlimScroll plugin
  • Added Masonry Grid
  • Added frontend pages
  • Added Datatables
  • Added Portlets (jQuery UI+touch)
  • Added Google Maps
  • Added Full Calendar app
  • Update Charts loaded from json
  • Update Notify plugin
  • Update buttons styles
  • Update Font Awesome 4.1.0
  • Fix play animation module
  • Documentation updated
  • 1.0 – May 02 2014
  • Initial Release