01Smile Action Games Collection 1 (4 in 1)

About the Pack:

This pack includes 4 different action games:
1- Provender’s Guardian – HTML5 Game
2- Island Defender – HTML5 Game
3- Angry Finches – Funny HTML5 Game
4- Otto System – HTML5 Space Shooter
These games are separate from each other and you can edit each one individually.

Provender’s Guardian – HTML5 Game

Provender’s Guardian is a simple combination of shooter and breakout games.
Like tower defense games, enemies’ attacks in waves and their attacks will gradually become harder and harder to repel.
Farm animals are planning to eat all provender in the farm.
As the Provender’s Guardian you must force them to run away by throwing small and big balls at them and be careful not to lose the big ball!

Angry Finches – Funny HTML5 Game

We made the Angry Finches Game as a physics based game and we tried to add a major advantage to it in comparison with similar games. In this game you can choose! It means that you can choose your desired birds according to its unique abilities and your needs and complete each level in your own way and by using your creativity.
This Game includes 20 levels. There are 4 different kinds of finch in this game with their own unique abilities and features.

Island Defender – HTML5 Game

This game is a simple combination of shooter and tower defense games in which you take control of a cannon and should stop invading flying saucers from reaching the island by shooting at them.
Enemies will become stronger after each wave; fortunately you can upgrade your cannon and make it stronger by collecting items that will remain after destroying some of flying saucers. Also after some time, a helicopter will come to your aid and helps you to defend the island.
Remember that you can use your grenades by pressing the right click; these grenades are extremely useful for destroying big flying saucers.

Otto System – HTML5 Space Shooter

This Game includes 3 different levels with different enemies and each level has its own unique power ups.
These enemies includes flying saucers, spaceships and satellites of humans and aliens of solar system (they have united with each other to stand against you!!!).
This game has leader-board system that keeps the scores. Scores are recorded separately for each planet. Because of the difference in enemies and power ups in different levels, a player can have the highest record in one planet but in another planet, maybe he isn’t even among the top players.


» Supports touch
» Works on all HTML5 browsers
» Auto-resize feature (responsive)
» Ability to personalize the game’s appearance, logo and etc.
» Ability to personalize the game’s music and SFX
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